Cisco FlexPod Express Study:
Virtualization on the Rise
91 percent of all respondents
said that virtualization implementations provide their companies with a competitive advantage over those without.
  Of those who were already employing virtualization solutions, 96 percent felt they were gaining an advantage   While 71 percent of those who don’t currently have virtualization in place agreed it could provide them a edge over the competition.
Virtualization may be a lesser-known IT trend, but it is one that is making an increasingly large impact on SMB companies across the world. But just how many IT departments are utilizing it? What factors are driving itsadoption and how is it benefiting companies most?

A new study commissioned by a group of Cisco partners helps answer these questions.  According the survey of IT professionals, 77 percent of their SMB companies already have some type of virtualization in place and 96 percent of those respondents agreed the technology was providing them a competitive advantage.

Among the other findings:

  • 95 percent of respondents with virtualization already in place saw an immediate impact on efficiency and cost-reduction
  • Improved system scalability was listed as the top benefit of virtualization, with lower unit cost for IT and business flexibility also in the top 3.
  • The majority of IT pros say virtualization is meant to replace 25-50 percent of their internal infrastructure.
  • Upper management respondents were far more confident in virtualization’s benefits than middle managers.
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