The Public Knowledge Gap

It today's tech-savvy world, most consumers are well-aware of popular IT trends like mobility, BYOD and the cloud. But there is one increasingly important and ubiquitous technology that is still relatively unknown among regular employees – virtualization.

A new study commissioned by a group of Cisco partners has found that 40% of information workers haven't even heard of server or desktop virtualization, revealing a large gap between the amount virtualization is used in the workplace and the amount employees understand the technology.

Among the other key findings:

  • 60% of respondents said they didn't know whether their work would benefit from virtualization; That number dropped to 0% among IT workers.
  • 53% of non-IT workers thought that remote access capabilities would not make their work any easier; Yet 74% of works who could access work files or desktops remotely said that ability was import to their jobs

The findings of this survey point to an increasingly large disconnect between the IT community and their employees. Download for the full report findings below.
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